Change Default Windows Logon Background Color from Registry

Which background color your computer uses for the Windows Login screen? If you are not happy to see the default one set on your computer for the Windows login background screen, you can change it with any color you prefer. There is a registry tweak to change the background color of Windows login screen and that is explained in this tutorial. To continue the steps provided in this tutorial, you must log in to your computer using an administrator account. If you are using a different User profile without administrative privilege, you cannot change the settings mentioned in this tutorial.

Edit Windows Login Screen Color

  1. Open Run Window

    Press [Windows] and [R] button together to start Run window. On the run window, type regedit and press enter button.

  2. Backup Current Settings

    Before changing any reg settings for the login screen, it is better taking backup of the current registry settings as a precaution to counter any possible mistakes while editing the registry. To learn how to perform it, visit the link below.
    How to Backup Current Microsoft OS Registry Settings

  3. Go to Registry Windows Color Settings

    Navigate to the following registry value

    HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors Now you can see a lot of attributes here.

  4. Double click on Background
    How to change Logon backGround

  5. Enter the Code of Your Desired Color

    Under, value data, you can see the current color set for the Windows Login screen. It is in the format X X X and where X can be any number between 0 and 255. These numbers show the pixels to determine the color. The basic code is like:

    Red: 255 0 0
    Green : 0 255 0
    Blue : 0 0 255
    Black : 0 0 0
    White: 255 255 255

    You can get any color by changing the pixel count.

After saving the registry settings with the custom color code for Windows login background screen you may need to reboot your computer to check the result. If you do not like the changes you have made, you can reverse the changes by following the same procedure.

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