Steps to add Open DNS in Ubuntu Linux

Today I faced some DNS issues with my new computer after installing Ubuntu in it. After some basic troubleshooting steps I assigned Open DNS address to my network adapter and the issue is resolved. Open DNS is a smart way to make our browsing fast and reliable. As the name suggests this DNS service is absolutely free and worth a try. Before go to open DNS we need to know a little bit about DNS. As we know DNS is used to convert the domain name of the website to its IP address. For any communication, your computer should know the mac address and IP address of the destination (Here web server). MAC address can be obtained from the ARP table and if the user types the IP address of the web server computer knows both. If the user types the domain name of the website your computer don't know the IP address of the destination and the communication will not happen. Here the DNS server helps. DNS helps to resolve the domain name to IP conversion issue and send the destination IP address to the computer.

So it is understood that every computer which connects to the Internet should know the DNS server address. There are many DNS servers available including your ISP's DNS server. Here I am presenting the steps to assign Open DNS in Ubuntu Linux.

To know the steps to assign DNS address in Windows computer click on the link below.

How to configure DNS address in Windows computer

Assign Open DNS in Ubuntu

The steps to set open DNS in Ubuntu are:

1. Right click on the network symbol

You can see the network icon on the right-hand top of the screen.
Enable Open DNS in Ubuntu Linux

2. Click on the Edit Connection

3. Now the active network connection window will be opened.

Set Open DNS in Ubuntu

If your computer is connected with an ethernet cable you will get the standard name eth0.

4. Select the connection and click on Edit button

5. On the Edit window click on the IPv4 Settings tab

Edit the connection to set DNS address in Ubuntu

Now on DNS Server enter the Open DNS addresses.

The Open DNS addresses are :


Now click Apply and reboot your computer.

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