How to Insert AdSense Unit Between Blogger Post Title and Content

One of the hot spots to place AdSense ads on a blogger is between post title and content. If we place an ad unit below blog post title, it can attract maximum possible attention from visitors and thus have maximum Click Through Rate (CTR). Google has released an AdSense HeatMap to help users to understand the best placement locations on a web page. According to Google AdSense HeatMap, advertisement shown just below the post title and above content has maximum revenue potential. Now the big question, how to display advertisement unit just below blog post title on a Blogspot blog? This tutorial helps you to answer this question.

Show Advertisement Between Blogspot Post Title and Content
  1. Login to Blogspot account

  2. Click Template

  3. Click Edit HTML button

  4. Check for the code

    <div class='post-body entry-content'>

  5. Place the converted (to escape characters) version of Google AdSense code above the code <data:post.body/>

    To learn how to convert script in to escape characters, visit the link below.
    How to Convert Script in to Escape Characters

  6. Click Save Template

Steps to Insert Advertisement Below Page Title in Classic Template

If you are using blogger classic template for your blog, follow the steps provided here. In the classic template, a little bit different to edit and add AdSense code compared to current blogger templates.

  1. Log on to your blogger account

  2. Click on Layout

  3. Click on Edit HTML
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  4. Check the Expand Widget Templates box

  5. Now check for the following code

  6. Place the parsed AdSense code between the > symbol after P and " < " symbol before data.

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Recent Google Algorithm Updates and Ads Placement

This tutorial explained the steps to show AdSense advertisement unit between Blogspot page title and content. However, after the recent Google algorithm updates, having too much ads unit on above the fold can attract penalties. Panda is known to target websites having too many ads, especially on the above fold. So my recommendation is to place a small ad unit below the title to avoid Google Panda penalty. After all, it is not the number of ads but the CPC matters most in net revenue. To read best practices in placing ad units on a webpage is explained in Google answers. To read that guide, visit the link below.

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