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How to install Guarddog Firewall on Ubuntu Linux

Even though the malware activities in Ubuntu Linux is less compared to Windows Operating Systems, it is highly recommended to install Firewall on your Ubuntu PC.  It helps you to prevent unauthenticated access to your computer from external networks like Internet. Firewall is doing this duty by disabling un-used ports on your PC and monitor the packets coming to your computer. In basic firewall you will not have much features to control the activities of of the application but in advanced firewall you can control the movement of each and every packets in your network. I personally recommend you to install Guarddog on your Ubuntu computer.

It is an advanced firewall with many options to control the firewall activities on your computer. The steps to install Guarddog on your Ubuntu computer are:

Steps to install Guarddog Firewall on your computer

To do this, follow the instructions provided below.
  1. Click on Applications

  2. Click on Accessories and Open Terminal

    On Terminal type the following command:

    sudo apt-get install guarddog

    After typing the command press enter. Now the Guarddog will be downloaded.

  3. Installing

    After downloading Guarddog you will get a message like:

    After this operation, 67.1MB of additional disk space will be used.
    Do you want to continue [Y/n]?

    You need to type Y and press enter to install the downloaded software.

PS: If it is the first time installation, you may get an error message like below.

Setting up guarddog (2.6.0-2.1ubuntu3) ...
Unable to start guarddog firewall - /etc/rc.firewall does not exist

You don't need to worry about the alert and you can directly open it by following steps.

1. Click on Applications

2. Click on Internet and click on Guarddog

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