When to Charge Laptop Battery & Increase Battery life and Efficiency

When it comes to laptop battery charging, there are different opinions about the right way and time to do it. This tutorial explains how to manage a laptop battery with right time to recharge and steps to keep remaining charge more efficiently. Lithium based battery is used for laptops and it is better to wait till its charge comes between 20% to 10% to plug it back to power. Most of the experts recommend, never let the battery charge drops below 10% before connecting it back to power supply. In addition to the level of power left, the temperature has a major role in the efficiency of the lithium battery.

The better ways to Charge Laptop Battery

Nowadays we are using lithium-ion batteries for Laptops and they are having a rapid-charging option. It is important to note that when we start using the Laptop for the first time, it is advised to charge it for a long time (attain 100%). To know the exact time period, better refer the Laptop user manual. Never operate your Laptop at higher as well as lower temperature and keep it in room temperature. So the major points to remember while charging laptop batteries are provided below.
  1. Connect to power when charge falls below 20%

  2. Stop avoiding overheating and better keep in room temperature

  3. For first time use, recharge the battery to 100%

It is better to remove the battery from the Laptop if you are not going to use it for a long time. Another important point we need to remember is never short circuit terminals to discharge battery charge. You can configure the time when the power left falls below 20% from power options. To perform it, visit the link below.
How to Change Critical Level And Get Informed

Use Laptop Battery Efficiently

Now we know the right time to connect a laptop back to power. This section covers how to utilize the battery charge in a better and efficient way. Think of a situation where you are in no position to find a power outlet to connect but wants to continue your work. So the only option left is to manage the existing charge more efficiently. In such a scenario, the following tips will help you.
  1. Turn off Wireless and Bluetooth

    If the WiFi button is on, it will take additional power to scan available wireless networks present in that area. If it fails to find any wireless network, it will continue the scanning. It is the same for Bluetooth also. To avoid such wastage of energy, I recommend you to turn off Wireless button.

  2. Avoid playing computer games

    High-end PC games cost too much energy and it not recommended to play them when you have no chance to find a power supply. Playing games on your Laptop drain laptop battery fast.

  3. Reduce the Laptop Speaker Volume and don't play any movies

  4. Reduce screen brightness

  5. Avoid using external devices like an external mouse, DVD drive, USB adapters etc

  6. Avoid using multimedia applications

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