How to Restore Accidenatlly Closed Firefox Browser Tabs

It is possible that you may close a browser tab accidentally and want that back. If it happens on Firefox browser, you can restore that tab without any trouble. This tutorial explains various methods to recover a Firefox browser tab closed without intention on your computer. There are different methods to do it. At first, we explain how to do it from the User Interface and the second method tells keyboard shortcut to do it. So let us check these two methods.

Restore Closed Firefox Tab From Interface

If you are comfortable with the user interface, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on History tab in the tool menu

  2. Select Recently Closed Tabs
    Restore tab

    Now you can see the list of recently closed Firefox tabs. All you have to do is to click the one you want to restore.
One of the important problems many users face is to find the Tools menu. If you cannot see Tools menu on the top of Firefox browser, just press [Ctrl] and [F] buttons together. Tools menu will be shown when you hold these two keys together.

Keyboard Shortcut Method

If you are not comfortable with the User Interface method, there is another method to bring back the closed tab. It is by pressing three keys together. The key combination is provided below.

[CTRL] + [Shift] + [T]

Press these three keys together to bring the recently closed tabs. This method is the easiest and fastest method to restore the recently closed tabs. There are many instances where users lose important works by accidental browser closing and features like this can reduce the risk of losing the unsaved work. To open the most recently closed tab, press these three keys together. Press them again to start the second most closed tab.

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