How to Configure Linksys WRT160N WiFi Router With DSL Modem

Last Updated:-January 17, 2010
WRT160N is one of the popular Wireless routers from Linksys which works on 802.11n standards. Wireless N is far superior to other standards like 802.11a,b, and g, in WiFi speed and network coverage. This tutorial explains how to configure this device without the help of the setup disc comes with the package. Here I assume you have a DSL broadband connection and share the Internet with additional devices using WRT160N. If you are using a cable modem, there is a little difference in the way we configure it. The difference is mentioned at the end of the guide.

Configure WRT160N With DSL Broadband Connection

To perform it, follow the step by step instructions provided below.
  1. Connect your Computer to the WAN port of the WiFi Router using an Ethernet cable

  2. Make sure WRT160N is powered on.

  3. Open Internet Explorer on your PC and type on the address bar. When it prompts, enter the default login username and password of WRT160N provided below.

    User Name: [Leave this field blank]
    Password: admin

    After entering the details press enter.

  4. Now you are on the setup page.
    Linksys WRT160N Wireless Setup

  5. Setup WRT160N for DSL Modem

    If your DSL modem is DHCP enabled, you may need to change the IP address of your Wireless router. It is because you cannot use the IP address in the same network range of your modem(third octet) for your wireless router. To know your modem IP address connect your computer to the modem. On command prompt type ipconfig and press enter. Check the IP address. So you may change it to 192.168.X.1

    Where X can be any number in between 1 to 255 excluding the number used on the modem. After changing the IP address, click on save settings. Your connection must be like this.

    • Connect LAN Port of Modem to WAN/Internet Port of Router

    • WAN Port Router to LAN Port of PC

    • Power on all devices in the network

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