How to View Event Log in Event Viewer On Windows Computer

Windows Operating system keeps a log file for all the incidents happening on your computer. All the entries are written to a file called Event Log. If you are an advanced Windows user, you can check this file to study every issue happened on your computer. It is like hardware or software failure. The first step to do is to view this file stored and this article explains steps to access and read it. It records the following three events and they are provided below.
  1. Application,

  2. Security,

  3. System

Let us learn more about these three events. Application log tells the major events by installed programs including any failures. Security event keeps track of major security incidents like invalid login attempts, hacking attempt etc. The system log stores incidents by Windows XP system components. The procedure is similar for Windows 7 and 8 computers.

Open Event Viewer to Read Entries On Windows XP

To read the log details, you must access the viewer first. Here I provide steps to access event viewer on a Windows XP Laptop.
  1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel

  2. Click on Administrative Tools (In Classic View )

  3. Open Computer Management

  4. Click on Event Viewer

  5. Now you can select the log which you need to read.

You can open this file and read the entries. Depends on the entries you can find out the real reason behind system failures when you face one.

How to Open Event Viewer in Windows 7

Since many of our Windows 7 troubleshooting steps required to open the same file, it is necessary to write a complete guide to open Event Viewer in Windows 7. This supporting article can reduce the size of actual troubleshooting guides by just proving a link to this article without mentioning the steps to open it. For those who are not familiar with it, "Using Event Viewer we can see system logs about hardware and software issues". In Windows 7, we can open it in two ways.

Method 1

In this method, we just need to type "Event Viewer" in the Windows 7 search.
  1. Click on Start

  2. Type "Event Viewer" on Search

  3. Just click on it to open.

Method 2

This method is purely a GUI method.
  1. Click on Start

  2. click on Control Panel

  3. Click on Administrative Tools

  4. Click on Event Viewer

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