Create Google Custom Search Engine For Your Website

If you have a big website, it is necessary to add a search feature on it for helping visitors to find the information they seek. An interface with search functionality is highly useful for customers. Years ago there were no free methods to implement it and you had to hire a programmer to do it. Right now you do not need to contact any programmers to develop this feature. Google offers a custom search engine and you can simply implement it on your website. Advantages of using this feature are provided below.

  1. You can keep showing search results on your website

  2. You can specify the websites to pick the result

  3. It is free as Standard Edition (You should display Google ads to compensate it)

  4. It is easy to implement

I have created a Google custom search engine (SE) for my website by limiting the number of websites from which the data can be picked. This custom feature displays results from my domain name only. Here I explain the steps I have done to develop a custom Search Engine.

  1. Click on the link to create Google custom search engine

  2. Fill Setup page details


    On this page, you should fill the details necessary.

    • Write a name for your custom SE

    • Describe it

    • You can select a language from the list given

    • Now you can select how do you want it

    • Enter the URL of the websites from which results will be picked

    • You need to select the edition

    If you are selecting the Standard edition you can use it for free. As compensation, you should display ads before the results. You can avoid ads by paying Google for the service. Before click next, you should accept Google TOS.

  3. Now you will get a preview page and you can check the functionality of your custom made a search engine.

  4. After checking the result you should click finish.

  5. Now Google will send a confirmation mail to your Gmail account with details. you will get access to the integration code. The Custom Search Engine Integration code is a Javascript and it is easy to integrate on your website.

Though this function is free of cost for users who opted standard version, for business websites I highly recommend to use the professional version where you need to pay for the service. The major benefit of upgrading to the paid version is the lack of AdWords ads. You may need to provide extra information like phone number, Organization details like a number of employees and type of business, your role in that organization etc to upgrade to professional SE.

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