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Firefox is Not Showing Spelling Mistakes and Spell Check Is Disabled

After came out from college, I never tried anything to improve my writing skills because of the spell check and grammar check tools available in Internet. For a blog writer, if he knows how to use spell checker, he does not need to worry too much about accidental spelling mistakes. However, after having a Firefox update, this feature just vanished. You can understand the difficulty to write without that tool. I know Firefox browser has default spell checker which will search for the spelling mistakes automatically. Last update just disabled that feature on my computer and I want to enable it back. This tutorial guides you to turn on automatic spell check feature of Firefox browser.

Turn On Automatic Spell Check Feature

  1. Start browser

  2. Click on Tools in browser tools menu
    How to Disable Automatic Firefox spell checker

    In latest versions, you must press [Alt] and [T] buttons together to start options menu.

  3. Click on Advanced tab and select General

    In general window you can see a check box which says Check my spelling as I type.
    Error in words and how to correct

    You must select the check box.

  4. Click OK

After selecting the option Check my spelling as I type, Firefox will automatically display all mistakes you made by highlighting them.So all you have to do it look for the highlighted words. You can simply right click on the highlighted words and select the correct word from the automatic list generated by the right right.There might be a chance of showing error for words which are not in Mozilla dictionary. In that case you can either use ignore or add to dictionary option to solve falser error report.

Disable Spell Checker In Firefox Browser

Some users do not like automatic assistance to fix errors they make while writing. If you are one among them, you can disable this feature. To disable automatic spell checker, you should follow steps 1 to 3 provided above. On this step, uncheck the check box near Check my spelling as I type and click OK. After this, Firefox will no longer looking for spelling errors you have made.

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