Microsoft Cursor Engine error '80040e21 - What is the reason for this error

Today while submitting my details to an online registration form (beta version by my friend)I received the following error message "Microsoft Cursor Engine error '80040e21' Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. /links.asp, line 564 ".

I had no clue about what is this error and why it keeps occurring in the same form. So I decide to have searched on this error message and found the following details of this error message. By reading technical discussions about this "Microsoft Cursor Engine error" it is a database error. I have listed the results of the search. (All the details below are from various online communities and I myself is not a programmer).

The error message Microsoft Cursor Engine error '80040e21' occur when someone trying to put a long string into a VARCHAR field. For example, if I am trying to enter a data of 100 characters into a VARCHAR field with 50 character length this error may occur.

Thanks to the following thread which resolved my issue.

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