What is The Normal Internet Speed Using CDMA Technology

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is one of the popular mobile transmission technologies in voice and data communication. Many service providers offer CDMA based dedicated mobile broadband connection. Let us check the difference in speed offered by various standards. Internet speed offered by the original CDMA technology is very low as 14.4 kbps. This is the maximum Internet speed offered by single channel CDMA standard. In extended form, (that is eight channel form) it offers up to 115 kbps. However, even this eight channel form is not enough to start a high-speed connection. So for Internet usage, we are using some variations like CDMA2000.

Upgrades of Code Division Multiple Access

Internet speed of CDMA2000 is much faster compared to traditional CDMA technology. Here theoretically we can have maximum 2 Mbps. So the speed of CDMA2000 can match the browsing requirements of today's average Internet users. CDMA2000 includes two sets of standards. They are:
  1. CDMA2000 1X

  2. CDMA2000 EVDO

The expansion of EVdo is Evolution-Data Optimized. Now let us compare the speed difference of different standards.

  1. Internet speed by CDMA standard: 14.4 kbps to 115 kbps

  2. Internet speed by CDMA2000 standard: 144 kbps to 2 mbps

One major disadvantage for using CDMA phones to access the mobile Internet is its higher need for energy. It is widely noted that CDMA technology forces mobile phones to use more battery charge and reduce the battery life. However, if you are using a USB modem to access the Internet on your laptop, this issue won't affect much. Tata Photon and Reliance Netconnect are providing USB modems to connect CDMA mobile data network. These Service Providers offer HSIA for high paying customers and CDMA for low paying customers. For example, Photon plus uses HSIA standard but Photon Whiz uses simple CDMA1X. Another example is Micromax CDMA2000 HSIA modem.

I hope this article is enough to calculate the normal Internet speed using CDMA technology. If you are confused with different terms like GSM, CDMA, HSIA, etc, I recommend you to visit the link below. In that article, I have clearly written the bandwidth of each mobile communication technologies.
Compare Speed Limits of Mobile Data Services -HSDPA, 3G, GPRS, EDGE

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