Can Private Browsing Stop Tracking and Monitoring ?

Almost every browser offer private browsing feature. This term can mislead a newbie person because it has much meaning. This article is about to educate newbie users the benefits and doesn't dos in private browsing. First of all, it doesn't protect a user from monitoring and tracking by a third party person who can access your communication like ISP or the network administrator. You are still in danger of being tracked and monitored. This article answers the following three questions.

  1. What is the meaning of Private browsing?

  2. Does it actually make us anonymous on the Internet?

  3. Can it protect our sensitive data from being stolen?

What is Private Browsing

It allows you to browse the Internet without saving any temporary files or cookies on your computer. These files are files will be removed from your computer right after closing the window. Mozilla explains when you browse the Internet by using this feature, the following information will not be saved on your computer.
  1. Visited pages

  2. Form and Search Bar entries

  3. Passwords:

  4. Download List entries

  5. Cookies

  6. Web cache files

To read more about it, I recommend you to visit the link below.

Can Private Browsing allow us to browse anonymously?

It cannot make us anonymous. Still, our IP address, MAC address, system configuration details etc are accessible by the owner of the website when we log in. If there any other tracking software is installed on your computer, private browsing will fail to fulfill its duty. So it is clear that this feature only removes the browsing data from being stored on your computer by the browser.

Can It protect your sensitive data from being stolen?

It cannot protect your sensitive data from being stolen by phishing websites. If you really need to protect important data from phishing websites, you should use safe browse on your computer. But safe browse is different from private browsing.

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