Better 3D Tab Management For Firefox Browser- FoxTab

Do you find any difficulties with managing tabs on Firefox when multiple browser tabs opened on your computer? If yes, you can easily manage opened tabs with the help of a new Add-on named FoxTab. After installing it, you will find no difficulties in accessing your favorite websites or efficiently managing Firefox tabs on your computer. It also easily guide you to reopen recently closed tabs on your computer. Let us check the major benefits of using this add-on. This 3D tab management add-on helps you to:

  • Easily access your favorite websites

  • Easily manage opened  tabs

  • Reopen recently closed  tabs

Let us check how to install this add-on on your computer. The same tool can be installed on Chrome browser also. So while downloading this tool on your PC, you must select the correct version which supports the browser you are using. If you are using Chrome, you must select the Chrome version, otherwise, this tool will not work.  To install the 3D tab management Firefox plugin, follow the instructions below.

How to Install FoxTab

  1. Visit the link below on Firefox browser.

  2. Click on Download Now button.

  3. Follow the installation directions by click Allow
    FoxTab for Firefox

  4. Click on Install Now
    three dimensional tab management

  5. Restart Firefox
    Better 3D Tab Management

  6. To launch the FoxTab, click on the icon in the toolbar

    Browser Tab management

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