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Delete Spam & Junk Emails Before Reaching Inbox

Spam is a big problem for every Internet users and email spamming is one of the worst. Think about a situation where in the morning while opening your email account, seeing countless junk messages in inbox. You may even miss important messages from your real contacts among these useless promotional emails. Since the number of these junk messages are high, you cannot unsubscribe or mark the full mails as spam. Email service providers have an option to delete those mails before they come to your inbox. This guide tells how to delete all the junk emails based on any of the following conditions before reaching inbox.
  1. Address of the sender

  2. Subject of the mail

  3. Specific words in the mail

In Gmail we need to create a filter to sweep out all the junk emails satisfying the conditions which are set. After creating the filter we can set the result as delete all the mails satisfy the condition before coming to inbox. To perform this follow the steps below.
  1. Log on to your Gmail account

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Filters tab

  4. Now click on Create a New Filter

  5. Set filter criteria

    Here you can set the criteria for your filter. You can set it on the basis of sender email address, subject of the mail or specify the keywords. After setting this, click next.

  6. Now check Delete it and Also apply filter to X conversations below
    Delete spam

  7. Click on Create Filter

Now onwards the emails which comes under filter criteria will be deleted before coming to your inbox. If you apply filter to the  mails already in the inbox, they too will be removed.

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