Disable Firefox Browser Session Restore After System Crash

You might be familiar with the term session restore if you ever face browser crash on your PC. After a browser crash, you will be asked to restore the previous tabs those were opened. If you are using Firefox browser, you will get this option to start Firefox with the previously opened tabs. Rarely some users say they do not get a chance to recover previous tabs after a system failure. This guide tells how to fix that issue. This feature is on by default. However, if you do not want session restore feature on Firefox browser installed on your computer, you can disable it. This tutorial explains how to disable session restore in Firefox and also explains how to turn on this feature if it is disabled by default.

Turn Off Firefox Browser Session Restore

If you do not want this feature, follow the instructions below to turn off it.

  1. Go to the Configuration window

    To access the Firefox configuration page you should type about:config on the address bar and press enter button. Now you can see a warning message.
    back from crash

    Click on I will be careful, I promise to enter Firefox configuration page.

  2. Disable Firefox Session restore after a browser crash

    To disable it, select the configuration browser.sessionrestore.resume_from_crash and change the value to false.

    To change the value to false, right click on it and click on Toggle.

Now onwards Firefox will no longer ask you whether to recover the previous pages after a failure.

Firefox No Longer Restore Previous Browser Session After System Crash

Rarely some users find, Firefox doesn't restore the previous browsing session after a system failure. It is because the browser.sessionrestore.resume_from_crash is configured as false in the configuration window. We need to select true for this to enable this feature. To perform this follow the steps 1 and 2 mentioned above and select true instead of false. After this, you will find no issues to recover previous browsing sessions after a system malfunction.

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