Capture Full Web Page ScreenShot Using Firefox Browser

Consider, while browsing you have landed on a website which interests you very much that you want to take a screenshot of an entire web page for future reference. How will you save the entire webpage by taking the screenshot of it? If you are using Firefox browser, you can use webpage screenshot add-on to help you to capture the entire webpage with a single click. Here I introduce one Firefox Add-on which I have already installed and using on my computer. This extension is called FireShot. After installing FireShot on Firefox browser, you will not face any issues to take full page screenshot of any website. You can get this webpage capture add-on by following the link below.

 Take Webpage Screenshot in Firefox Without Adding Add-on

If you do not want to install any Add-on on your browser to take web snapshot, you can use online web services to capture the entire page without installing any third party tools on your computer for free. All you have to do is go to their website and paste the URL of the page you want to take the screenshot. To go to their website, visit the link below.

Fireshot is a Firefox extension which helps us to copy the entire page into the clipboard. Similarly, Google Chrome also has extensions which perform the same function. If you are looking for a way to take a full snapshot using Google Chrome browser, visit the link below.
Take Full Web page Snapshot by Google Chrome Browser

You can use the same service to capture images or content of a website which are right click protected. Some sites are copy protected by using different methods like JavaScript blocking, right click protection etc. However, by taking a full page snapshot of the website, we can save a copy of that webpage on our computers.

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