Change Default Firefox Browser Email Application

Every browser has a default email application set on them. Default Email application set in Firefox browser is Outlook Express. Though it has Outlook Express as the default email application, we can change it to any other according to your convince. We can select any email application without discrimination. There is a list of popular applications from where we can select one. It includes Gmail, Yahoo etc. However, certain users want their own tool which may not be available in the list. For them, Firefox has an option to pick any another tool according to user's requirements.  This tutorial explains the procedure to change the default email program set on the Mozilla browser.

Steps to Change default Firefox Email application

To change the default mail software set on Firefox:
  1. Open Firefox browser

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Options

    Now the Firefox options window will be opened.

  4. Click on Applications tab

    select gmail, outlook express

    Now select mailto

  5. Click on mailto drop down menu to select default mail program
    Set default email service in Firefox

Select Different Application Not Listed

If you want to select different application other than Gmail, Outlook Express or Yahoo, click on Use Other. You will get an option to specify the application you want to use.
Select installed service

Click on the browse button to select installed email programs on your PC and set it as the default email program.

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