Change The Name & Location Of Computer Hard Disk Drive

By partitioning, we divide the single hard disk drive into primary and secondary drives and the secondary drive into a number of logical units. So while opening the My Computer icon, you will see a number of units named C, D, E etc. By creating smaller units improves the efficiency by reducing the size of Master File Table (MFT) for a smaller partition. This guide tells how to change the name of each partition and assign a different path too. For example, if you want to change the D drive name to H, it is possible. However, we cannot change the name of the drive where OS is installed.

Assign Different Letter to Computer Hard Disk Drive Partition

To assign different drive letter by removing the current one, follow the steps below.
  1. Right click on My Computer

  2. Click on Manage

  3. Click on Disk Management

    Disk Management is under Storage. Now you can see all the drives in your PC.
    Swap driver name

  4. Right click on a unit and click on Change Drive letters and Paths
    Drop name

    Note: You cannot change the letter assigned to booting drive. If you try to assign a different alphabet to it, it will not change.

  5. Click on Change button

  6. Now you will get an option to select any letter from the current letter for the current partition.
    assign name manually

    You can select any letter from the drop-down menu for that partition. After selecting the letter, you should click OK.

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