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How to Create New Fonts for free - Design your own fonts

Are you looking for a different Font for your website or document ? What about creating a new font which actually meet all your requirements? If you think creating a new font is not an easy task, that is over. Yesterday I found an interesting web service which help us to create our own font for free and let us download it to our computer. The only thing we need to do before using their service is, we should register in their website. Registration is free and will take less than two minute.

Steps to Create your Own Fonts

To create your own fonts, you should login to fontstruct , an online service which provide editor to create your own font. Font editor look like:

Create new fonts for free using online font editor

Here on the font editor, you can write your fonts for all possible characters and save the font in a name specified by you. To get this service go to the website below.

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