Easily Find Out Malicious Short URLs In Firefox By Displaying Real URL

Nowadays it is not rare users use shortened URLs in their emails and Tweets. Most of the shortened links are short of genuine non-malicious links but some are not. So when you get a message or email having shortened URLs, we must ensure that they are genuine and does not lead to suspicious websites before clicking it. If you are using Firefox browser, there is an add-on named Long URL Please to determine the original address before clicking it. So we can easily see the real destination of the shortened URL and determine whether it is safe to click. This tutorial explains how the Firefox add-on Long URL Please helps to find the real destination website address behind the short form and helps to identify potentially dangerous links before we click on it.

See the Real Link Without Clicking Shortened URL

Here I am explaining the importance of this add-on to find the destination address by seeing the short form of the link. To explain it, I have shortened one of my blog post links with webpage address shortening service and tweet the shortened link. On Firefox window with the Long URL Please add-on, the real link is displayed without any error.

  • URL Shortening

    Here I shortened one of my blog post links.

    The shortened form is:

  • Short Address in Standard Firefox Window

    See my actual Tweet in the browser where no long URL plugin is installed.

    Short to long url display addon

  • Firefox Page With Add-on installed

    See how it is displayed in Firefox browser where the plugin for short link to actual link is installed.

    Display the actual website instead of short form

As you see, it is easy to find the destination address from the short links. So it is not hard to find out whether the shortened link you received is malicious and leads to the virus-infected website. If you receive short form links often from your friends and other sources, I recommend you to install this Firefox plugin. To download this Plugin, visit the link below.

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