How to Find Login IP Address of a Router or Modem

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might have seen many router and modem related articles. In every such troubleshooting tutorials, it is important to login to the setup page of the device(whether modem, router or Access Point). If you know the default login IP address of the modem, this step is very easy. However, if you do not know the login IP address of the particular model of the router or you have changed the default Router IP address, you need to find that IP before continuing your troubleshooting steps. This tutorial teaches you how to find the login IP address of your modem, router, Access Point etc. The given procedure is the same for every model irrespective of the manufacturer.

Steps to discover Log-in IP address of your Router

  1. Connect the Device to Computer

    You need to connect the device to the computer using an Ethernet cable. LAN port of the Router/Modem/Access Point should be connected to the LAN Port of your computer. Power on the devices.

  2. On command prompt Type ipconfig

    • In order to open the command prompt in any driver click on the link below.
      Open Command prompt in any directory
    • Or press [Windows] and [R] buttons together and type cmd on Run Window.
      Press [Enter] button.

  3. Check the Default IP Address

    After pressing enter key, you can see the default IP address on your command prompt window. This IP address is the Login IP set on the device connected to your computer.
To log in to the configuration page of your Modem or Router or Access Point, you may type the IP address on the address bar of your browser and press enter key. You may be prompted to enter username and password to proceed. If you don't have the login credentials, you cannot log in to the setup page of your device. Now let us check how to find the default username and password of your Router, Modem and Access Point.

What is The Default Username & Password Of Router

Check the chart below to find out the default Username and Password to log in your Router irrespective of vendors like Linksys, Belkin, D link, Netgear etc.

For some vendors, default username and password is admin. Router models from some vendors do not have any default username and password. In that case, you should keep both username and password fields blank.
Bluetooth TechnologyEthernet Hub Range Expander
Secure Network Share BroadbandConfigure Router
Error Occurred Forgot PasswordUpgrade Firmware
Access Router Modem Reboot ErrorDNS Error
Rarely in some modem models, instead of admin, the default password is password. So I suggest you to try password on the password field if the admin is not working. So the username and password combination is admin and password.

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