How to set Google Search Results open in New Window or New Tab

Google is the leading Search Engine today and I really doubt anyone knows the Internet can spend a day without using any one of the Google services. This article deals with one of the popular toolbars knows as Google toolbar and tells how to use this tool for better user experience. Some users like to go through more than one results without opening and going back to the same result page. If you want to open each result shown in Search on different tabs, this toolbar can easily help you. All you have to do it to tell it the way you want to open search results.

Update: This article is obsolete because Google no longer supports this Toolbar

Open Search Results in New tab or window

To implement this feature you should have Google Toolbar installed on your computer. Here I assume you are using Firefox browser on your PC and have installed this toolbar. If you do not have it on your computer, you must download and install to begin the steps. To download the toolbar, visit the link mentioned at the end of this guide.

1. Start Firefox

2. Click on Tools
Open Result in New Tab or New Window

3. Click on Add-ons
go new tab

4. Click on Options button in Toolbar
Use Google Toolbar to open Google search window in New Tab

5. Click on Open Search Result drop down menu
Open New Tab automatically

Now set the Google Search results in Current window, New Window or in New Tab.

PS: To install it on your computer click on the link below.

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