I Cannot Go Online - Issues With Accessing Internet

For an average home user, one of the most frustrating networking experience may be Internet connectivity issues. When I started my computer networking career in a network support center most complaints I received as the low-level technician were related to issues with going online like "I cannot go online after installing your device in my home network!". Even now this blog gets most comments and emails are about Internet connectivity issues. Maybe the situations are different like adding a new router or changing the ISP but the end problem is issues with accessing the Internet. So I decided to write an article which combines most of my other Internet connectivity guides in plain English to ensure the assistance to even newbies.

Cannot go online -A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Here I am presenting common scenarios where you are not able to go online.

Scenario 1. Websites like Google, Yahoo etc are not Loading in Browser

In this scenario, you are not able to access any websites in your web browser. Google, Yahoo, etc are not loading in your computer. In this situation, you should check whether you can ping Global DNS Server and receives valid replies. To know more about it click on the link below.
I Cannot Go Online but Can Ping Global DNS Server

PS: This should be your first troubleshooting step when you are facing issues with accessing the Internet.

2: I am not getting a reply from Global DNS Server

This is another case of Internet connectivity issues where you are not getting any reply from Global DNS Server address. In this case to fix this issue click on the link below.
I am Not Getting Reply From Global DNS Server

3: My router is connected properly but Modem is not online

This is a situation where your home network is fine till modem but no Internet Access from the modem. If you ping the router, you will get a valid reply but Ping request to your modem is not giving any replies. In this situation follow the steps provided in the link below.
I am Getting Reply from Router But No Reply From Modem

4: Modem is online but my computer is not able to access the Internet

This is the situation where your modem is online but your computer is not able to access the Internet. This issue can happen if your local network is not configured properly. So to check whether your local computer network is configured properly click on the link below.
How to check my Local Network Connection and Fix the Issue

5: Your computer TCP/IP is corrupt and not able to connect to a network

This is the case where your computer's TCP/IP settings are corrupted. As a result, your computer cannot connect to any network. So your computer is not able to go online. In this case, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
Fix TCP/IP issues On Your Computer

6: Slow Internet Connection Issues

If you are facing slow Internet connection, click on the link below.
I am facing slow Internet connection issues

7. Improve Internet Speed

The following link tells the necessary steps to tweak your computer and feel a difference in net Internet speed.
How to Improve Internet Speed

Other Internet Connectivity Tutorials

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If your Internet access issues not fixed even after following all the steps mentioned above, please post your issues here.

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