7 Best Download Managers (Free & Paid)

Download managers are software programs designed to handle the downloading and uploading of files on the Internet. The best download managers offer features such as pausing and resuming the transferring large files; handle errors during download while maintaining the data already downloaded; get multiple files simultaneously; performing scheduled downloads; downloading from multiple sites and/or via different connections to transfer the file from server to PC  more quickly; and other features. This post highlights the 7 top download managers and describes their features. Here you can see some of the industries best-rated products both free and paid.

1. FlashGet

FlashGet is one of the top download managers and boasts the highest number of users of its product on the Internet. It is compatible with the Windows operating system and supports a number of protocols such as HTTP, FTP, eMule, BitTorrent, MMS, and RTSP. FlashGet increases data transfer speed by using Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation (MHT) technique and optimization. FlashGet is free and guarantees that it doesn’t have any spyware or adware. You can get FlashGet by visiting the link here.

2. Internet Download Manager ($29.95)

Internet Download Manager is designed for the Windows operating system that features data transfer speed acceleration, resume, automatic antivirus checking, customizable interface, advanced browser integration, and a built-in scheduler. It supports the major Windows browsers and protocols. It can also get FLV videos from key video sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and MySpaceTV. You can get this software here.

3. Download Accelerator Plus ($29.95)

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) boasts over 200 million users. It works with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The free version of DAP features pause and resume, video preview, download security, and automatic mirroring that helps boost the file transfer speed. DAP Premium is available for $29.95, which offers higher file transfer speeds, ZIP preview, File Shredder, and the ability to lock and hide the files just downloaded. The program is also available in over 39 foreign languages. To get DAP, visit the link below.

4. Free Download Manager(Free)

Free Download Manager is just what the name states, a free, open-source product. It features BitTorrent support, multi-language support, active spyware and adware protection, and the ability to catch flash video from sites such as YouTube. It also has audio/video preview, get a partial Zip file, and capability for remote downloads that can be created or viewed via the Internet. You can get this tool for free here.

5. GetGo Download Manager (Free)

GetGo Download Manager is designed to meet the needs of Web 2.0, especially video and music files from sites such as YouTube, Facebook, GoogleVideo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, and many others. It will seamlessly integrate with Firefox and Internet Explorer and will run in the background while you continue to use the web browser. Extreme file transfer acceleration, scheduling, and the ability to resume broken or stopped downloads are other features of this free tool.  You can install it on your computer from here:

6. Download Studio ($24.95)

Download Studio is one of the most powerful download managers that cover a wide variety of things. They include programs, games, flash video, RSS feeds, podcasts, music, audio, video, websites, and other things. Download Studio works with all the popular browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera. It features a scheduler, auto-resume, and multi-connection downloading. It also supports all the main protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RSS, and ATOM. It has received top reviews from numerous magazines and websites. To get this tool, visit the link below.

7. JDownloader (Free)

JDownloader is a platform-independent, open source product that works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems. With JDownloader, files can be downloaded simultaneously, from multiple connections, and can download YouTube videos, Vimeo, and MP3 files. It offers multilingual support, OCR support, and automatic extractor for archived files. Download link:

This was contributed by Kip, a freelance writer for Broadband Compare where you can find comprehensive guides on mobile broadband and other types of connection.

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