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As you know, is getting most of the traffic from search engines to find solutions for networking and hardware related issues. This blog has many tutorials which address the most common networking and hardware issues but I feel most of them are not well arranged for a new reader of this blog. So I decide to publish a new post which points some of our best tutorials to help our newbie readers. Here I present links to a list of selected popular tutorials to fix common computer hardware related troubles. I tried my best to explain the steps in layman's language without using jargon. Here you can click on the links to find respective articles depends on the issues you are facing.

  1. Disk Boot Failure

    If you are facing issues with booting your PC and get an error message of Disk Boot failure, I suggest you read my article.
    Cannot Start my PC - Disk Boot Failure

  2. S.M.A.R.T Command Failed

    Ever received an error message S.M.A.R.T Command failed in your laptop? If yes read below to know more about it and how to fix this hardware error.
    hard disk S.M.A.R.T command failed

  3. Automatic Restart of your Computer

    If you are facing an issue like your laptop restarts automatically, follow the steps provided in the below troubleshooting guide.
    Why my Laptop Restarts Automatically and how to Fix it

  4. Fix MBR issues

    In order to know how to fix your Master Boot Record (MBR) damages follow the guide below.
    Fix Master Boot Record (MBR) issues in your Computer

  5. Check Frequency of RAM

    In order to check the frequency of RAM in your laptop, click on the link below.
    How to check the Frequency of RAM

  6. Hide computer Hard disk Drive

    If you want to hide your laptop hard disk drive without using any third party tools, click on the link below.
    Hide Computer Hard Drive without any Third Party Tools

  7. Cyclic Redundancy Check

    To fix Data error (Cyclic Redundancy Check) click on the link below.
    Fix Data Error -Cyclic Redundancy Check

  8. How to Change Computer Hard Disk Drive Letters

    If you like to change your PC hard disk drive letters, follow the link below.
    Change Computer Hard Disk Drive letters

  9. Protect your PC from Overheating

    Overheating is a problem for many users. Here are some tips to avoid overheating while working on your PC.
    How to Protect Your Computer from Over Heating

  10. Use Flash Memory (USB Memory) as Virtual RAM

    Here you can find how to use your USB memory as RAM for your laptop.
    Use Flash Memory as Virtual RAM

  11. Problems in booting the computer in safe mode

    Here are the main reasons and solution to this issue.
    I Cannot Boot my Computer in Safe Mode

  12. How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

    Here are some tips to increase your Laptop Battery life.
    Increase Laptop Battery Life

  13. Keep the Laptop Battery charge for a long period

    Best practices in keeping your Laptop Battery charge for a long period.
    Keep the Laptop Battery charge for a long period

  14. Connect two Systems using a USB cable

    Here you can see how to connect two systems using a USB cable.
    How to Connect two Systems using USB cable

  15. Intel Motherboard reviews

    Intel D94GCNL Motherboard reviews

  16. Bios Backdoor Passwords for Laptops

    Bios Backdoor Passwords for laptops

  17. Reset Bios Passwords

    If you forget your BIOS password and want to reset it, read this article.
    How to reset BIOS password

This list is not complete and by visiting the respective articles, you will find links to further guides. If you cannot find a solution for a hardware trouble you are facing, you can email me using the email address provided on About Me page.

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  1. Very useful tips for all persons who is in computer field..

  2. i have a printer with a computer, but when i want print sometimes the computer will not recognise the printer*hp2510*. So what i normally do is to remove the usb cable from one usb port to another till it works. What can i do to rectify it? Thanks

  3. i have to change my printer usb cable from one usb port to another b4 i will be able to print sometime. What can i do

  4. One possible solution for this issue is to update Printer driver. Please check for the latest version of printer driver installed in your computer and check for the issue.

  5. Subol Biswas3:58 AM

    thanks for the recommendation on the RAM. I had missed the v-rating. As for the Hardware, I have a reformatted 320GB WD Cavier that I planned on using. It is a 7200 rpm unit so I thought would be good for what we planned on for the useage.

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