Firmware Upgrade Guide - How to Upgrade Firmware of your Router , Modem etc

Most of the issues concerning Small Office Home Office (SOHO) devices like Wireless Router, Modem etc can be fixed by upgrading the firmware. Here I am pointing some of tips and steps to upgrade the firmware of your router. In order to upgrade your router or modem firmware, you may check the latest version of firmware available from the router manufacturer.

Using third-party Firmware for your router to improve functionality

Most of the time third-party firmware improve the efficiency of your router compared to the firmware released by your router manufacturer. If you choose another source (obviously trusted source) of firmware most of the time your router warranty will be void. I saw this when one of my friends upgraded a Linux based third-party firmware to his Linksys wireless router to achieve wireless router cascading feature. When his router has a complaint, Linksys refused to give an RMA to this router. What they said is the user is permitted to use Linksys Firmware for his router. The same law is applicable to most of the companies. So be careful while upgrading third-party firmware to your router. Best practice is to use it when your router warranty period is over.

Where to download Firmware for my Wireless Router?

One of the newbie question. You can download the firmware for your router from your manufacturer website. Just by typing the model number of your router with firmware, you can see the download link. If you face any issues with downloading the firmware, please mention your router manufacturer name with the model number and version number. We will help you.

How to Upgrade the firmware of my Router

In order to upgrade the firmware of your router, you should log in to your router first. To find the login IP address of any router or modem, click on the link below.

How to find Login IP address of my router

After login, you can find upgrade firmware link in your settings page. (Please make sure that different router manufacturers set this in a different way). For more detail I recommend you to check your router manual. In your router manual, you can see the specific steps to upgrade firmware for your router.

Procedure to Upgrade the firmware of your Router

This is the standard procedure to upgrade the firmware of your router.

1. Download the latest version of your router firmware and save in your desktop

2. Login to your Router and go to the settings page

3. Click on Upgrade firmware link. Then browse firmware file saved on the desktop

4. You should click on Open (or something similar) to upload firmware

5. Wait for few minutes and let your router restart and comeback

6. Most time it is recommended to reset your router after a firmware upgrade.

To know how to perform a soft reset on your router click on the link below.

How to Reset your Router

Now login to your router once again and check the version of your installed firmware.

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