How to Check Virus infection On My Website - Reported Attack site

Yesterday night I actually shocked while seeing one of my websites is reported as an attack site (Not this blog). In Firefox I saw the message "Reported Attack Page" and blocked access to my website. When I search my website in Google I saw the following alert on my website "This site may harm your computer". When I click on the Google Search Result of my website, it leads to another page which says, Malware Warning. It clearly shows the presence of malware on my website and it may harm my readers' computer. So I log in to the server (last time I logged in before one year, that too just upload this website) and check the source code. I really surprised to see a bunch of malicious script in my web pages. I really don't know how it came to my website (unfortunately this is a tiny server and no access to log files). Anyway, here I am writing a standard procedure to handle virus infection in your website. There is no need to panic while seeing a virus infection in your website. We can fix the issue by ourselves.

How to know your website is infected by Malicious script or virus

You can check your website is free from virus or not by some simple steps. Here I am specifying some steps to check whether your website is infected with malicious code or not.

1. Check whether your Internet Security Suit block access to your website

I am using the home version of Avast on my computer. Avast blocks access to the infected website with the following alert.

AntiVirus block the infected websites. Check how your website is infected

Like Avast, most of the Internet Security software block connection to an infected website. It will alert you that the website you are trying to connect is infected.

2. Try to Access a website via Google- Google block infected site

Google periodically checking all the websites whether it is malicious one or not. If one website is infected, Google will show you an alert "This website may harm your computer" with the Google Search result of the website.

3. Check whether Firefox block your website

Firefox and other browsers block connection to an infected website. If you try to access an infected website, you will get the following message.

How to Check my computer is infected or not

4. Check in Google Webmaster tools to know malware infection

Google webmaster tools show the details about the infection in your website. If your website is infected, right after login to Google webmaster account itself you can see the following alert.

Where to check your website is infected

You can find which pages are infected in your website by clicking More Details link. You can take this information to remove the infection from your website. It is recommended to check Google webmaster tools every time to check any possible malware infection in your website.

5. Online Website Scanners to check infection

There are some online tools to scan your web server for possible malware infection. If you check in Google you can find a lot of information about it.

Read my Next Article to know how to remove the infection from your website.

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