Troubles With Changing Yahoo Messenger Display Image

Last time while chatting with one of my friends in Yahoo Messenger, he said that he was unable to see my display image. Then I checked and saw no display image was selected. As usual, I selected the display image and click OK. However, it didn't fix the issue and the display showed blank. I tried again to select my uploaded image in Yahoo Messenger but the issue remained, as the display still showed blank. I checked the reason for this trouble in some forums and found that issue of unable to change yahoo messenger profile picture is a common issue. It may be from the server side or the issue from client side. Another kind of issue is with seeing the display image of chat friend. Instead of showing his display image you may see a black window. This tutorial explains a set of possible steps to troubleshoot issues with changing current yahoo messenger display image.

How to Solve Issues with Changing Yahoo Messenger Display Image

Possible troubleshooting steps you can follow while facing this problem are:
  1. Log off and Login

  2. Delete the currently saved pictures and load the images again

  3. Try to upload JPEG format images (usually, png format has compatibility issues)

  4. Make sure you are using the latest version of YM

  5. Delete the Yahoo Messenger current cache and re-login

    You can delete Yahoo Messenger cache in the following path.
    My Computer> Local Drive C >Program Files >Yahoo > Messenger >Cache

  6. Make sure you have latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer

  7. Uninstall and reinstall Yahoo Messenger

All the above steps work only if the reason for the issue is from the user end. For example, if the software installed on a PC is outdated, it may not work as expected. We can resolve that situation by completely removing the software from the PC and install the latest release. If the issue is from the server side, none of the above tips will work. In that case, all you can do is to wait.

While selecting a picture to set for the profile, it is important to check the format. We cannot expect a tool supports every format. YM supports JPEG format more than png. If you have a selected a png picture, there might be a chance of compatibility issues. To avoid such a problem, it is better to choose a file with right format.

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