DVD Drive is Not Showing in My Computer

DVD or CD drive is an important peripheral device and most of the desktop computers and laptops have it. There are certain cases where a computer fails to recognize or show DVD drive connected to it in My Computer. It is like your PC doesn't even know such a device is there. This tutorial explains most of the reasons for a computer to ignore the connected DVD drive. The second part explains the common troubleshooting steps to fix if you cannot see DVD writer in My Computer.

Major Reasons For Not Detecting DVD Writer

  1. DVD Drive may be disabled in your computer

  2. The driver needs to be Updated

  3. Loose connection

  4. Possible Registry Error


If you do not see the CD writer in My Computer, I suggest you perform the steps below.

  1. Check in Device Manager

    The first step is to go to Device Manager and check whether the DVD writer is detected there. If it is detected, make sure it is not disabled. If it is disabled in Device manager, you need to right click on it and enable it.

  2. Disconnect DVD drive and Reconnect it

    A loose connection is one of the common reasons for a PC to stop recognizing a device. So it is recommended to unplug your DVD drive from your PC and reconnect it. After reconnecting it, restart your computer. Now check whether it is detected by your computer.

  3. Update Driver

    If the driver installed in your computer is outdated, it is recommended to update the device driver. You can download the latest version of from your DVD Drive manufacturer website.

  4. Registry fix

    I found this registry fix from a discussion forum. According to this fix, you need to go to the following registry location:


    Here you need to select the key: {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    You need to delete All Value Data from UpperFilters and LowerFilters attribute.
    solution for CD player issues

    After deleting the value, you may need to restart your computer.

  5. Contact Vendor

    If all four steps mentioned above failed to resolve the issue, last resort is to contact product manufacturer. You should call the device manufacturer technical support.

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