Configuration Of Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router With Cisco Connect Setup

E1000 is one of the popular E series routers from Linksys which uses Cisco Connect to perform autoconfiguration. By running Cisco Connect, you can setup Linksys E1000 wireless N router without any troubles. It offers wireless transfer speed up to 300 Mbps and has 4 Ethernet ports. This router does not offer dual-band feature and works only in 2.4GHz frequency. It is compatible with 802.11b, g and n devices. This tutorial deals with manual configuration of this device with a solution to fix the Moon worm infection which bypasses router authentication.

Configuration Of Linksys E1000 With Cisco Connect

Since configuring E1000 with Cisco Connect is very simple, I am not going to write detailed steps. Though this device has WiFi feature, you must connect it with modem and computer using Ethernet cables while configuring it. All you have to consider while configuring this device with Cisco Connect are provided below.
  1. Connect WAN Port(Internet Port) Of E1000 to Modem

  2. Connect PC to LAN Port of E1000 and run Setup CD

  3. Follow the instructions and click next to continue the process.
    E1000 router with Cisco Connect

    Click OK when you see the completion screen

Linksys E1000 Manual Setup Guide

If you do not want to use Cisco Connect, you can configure this device manually.

  1. Connect LAN port to your PC using an Ethernet cable

  2. Type on the address bar of your web browser (router is on)

    Now you will be prompted for login details.
    How to login Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router

  3. Enter login details Of Linksys E1000 Router

    Username: (it should be blank)
    Password: admin

    After entering the details click OK. Now you will be in on the web-based setup page.
    Setup Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router via browser based

  4. Configure Internet Connection On E1000

    Following options are available to configure Internet access.
    1. Automatic Configuration -DHCP
    2. Static IP
    3. PPPoE
    4. PPTP
    5. L2TP
    6. Telstra Cable

    You can select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu depends on the Internet connection you have. To learn more about this, visit the link below.
    Advanced Guide to Configure Linksys Router Manually

  5. Wireless Security

    It supports RADIUS, WPA/WPA2, and WEP

Moon Worm Infection On E1000 Router

It is widely reported that a malicious worm named Moon worm infected many routers in E-series having the Remote Management Access feature enabled. One of the best precautions to protect this device from Moon Worm infection is to turn off Remote Management Access feature in it. Linksys has a solution for login vulnerability (vulnerability Moon Worm exploited) and updated it with latest versions of Firmware. So it is important to have latest version of firmware on the E1000 router. Another step is to disable Filter Anonymous Internet Request on the router. To learn more about these steps, visit the link below and refer the end of the tutorial.
Solution For Moon Worm Infection On Linksys E Series Routers

Common Problems With Linksys E1000 Router
  • Need to Reset E1000

    If you want to reset the current configuration and reconfigure it, visit the link below.
    How to Reset Linksys Router to Factory Default

  • Wireless Connection Freeze With E1000

    If you see wireless disconnection issues with this device, check the following details.
    1. Make sure Network mode is mixed and has channel with 20 Mhz only
    2. Set MTU size as 1400 and enable Keep-Alive option
    3. Avoid any wireless devices using 2.4 GHz near the router
    4. Update to latest firmware
    5. Change wireless channels from 1 to 6 or 11 to stop losing signal

    Also, you can follow the steps provided in the link below.
    Wireless Network Keep Connecting and Disconnecting

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