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Pop-Ups Come When a New Chat Message Receives in Gmail

If you are chatting with your friends in Gtalk, even if you have minimized the window, it will inform you when you get a new message. However, in Gmail, by default there is no such option. If you minimize the window or start working on another tab, you will not see any alerts about new text messages or emails from your chat contacts. You may even miss the urgent messages from a friend due to this default settings. If you want to see notifications about new chat or email messages from your chat contact, you must enable Gmail Desktop Notification. This tutorial explains how to set desktop notification.
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Steps to Activate Gmail Desktop Notification

At this time only Chrome supports Gmail desktop notification feature. I hope in near future Desktop Notification will be supported by other major browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. To activate this feature follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Settings on Right hand top of your Gmail Account
    How to know when you get a new gmail message

  2. Enable Desktop Notification under General settings
    Disable alerts

  3. After enabling notifications, you should click on Save changes.

Now onwards you don't need to worry even if you have minimized chat window and fully concentrating on your work. You will receive a pop up alert which tells who send you the new message with the content itself. This feature also power you to set this pop ups for the type messages by specifying priority. By using priority inbox, you can avoid getting pop ups for every messages but you can assure you will never miss important messages.

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