SEO Tips to Promote Real Estate Websites in Google and Bing Search

Real Estate is a very competitive business field and we can see the competition in Google Search too. Now it is important to have an online presence for the success of any company to improve their business or at least survive the tough competition from competitors. Just having a website cannot bring potential clients from Internet. We must do proper SEO for the success of a real estate website and it must be optimized properly to be listed in the top positions in Google Search results. With the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, we must be very careful in optimizing and building backlinks to real estate websites. Let us check how to optimize a real estate website for major search engines ( Google, Bing, and Yahoo ) and how to safeguard them from Penguin and Panda updates.

Step By Step Procedure to Optimize a Real Estate Website For Google Search
  1. Analyze Competitor Real Estate Websites

    It is a wise strategy to analyze your competitors and check which methods are adopted by the top players in your area to attract potential clients to their website from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are many online tools available to analyze your competitor web pages.

  2. Find High Traffic Keywords

    Before starting optimizing, we must conduct a detailed study of potential keywords to bring traffic. It is also important to check which keywords bring most traffic to your competitors' websites. If your website is new and in no way to compete the big players, you must choose medium competitive keywords. You must be creative in finding the right keywords to optimize a real estate portal.

  3. Index your Website in Local Business Directories

    Since Real Estate business is a local business, you must index your website URL in local business directories. Penguin update will not consider links from local business directories to your web page as dangerous because it is natural to have a real estate website link in a local business page. So by listing URLs in local business directories, you can improve backlink count without fearing Penguin updates.

  4. Add Your Business in Bing & Google Places for Business

    You should add your Real Estate website in Google Local Business Center. I recommend you to add it in both Yahoo and Bing Local Business listings too to utilize the potential clients using these two Search Engines.

    • To add your Real Estate Service in Google Places, visit the link below.‎

    • To Add to Bing Local Business Place, visit the link below.

  5. On Page Optimization Tips For your Real Estate Website

    Just like any other websites, title tag, meta tags, header tags etc must have the right keywords. You must write title tag naturally and never display it like optimized for keywords only. If your real estate website has images, make sure you have added proper alt image tags. You must make sure your website has a static URL structure with no broken links.

  6. Avoid Content Farm Effect to Safeguard From Panda Update

    Many real estate websites have been affected by Panda update due to the low-quality copy paste content by including multiple duplicate pages. It is difficult to avoid pages with similarities on a real estate website but to recover from Google Panda update, your website must have quality unique content.

  7. Backlink Building Strategy For a Real Estate Website

    After Google Penguin update it is very important to ensure no low-quality backlinks pointing. While developing backlinks to a real estate website, limit your sources to:

    1. Participate Real Estate forums and get dofollow links from them

    2. Submit your website in Real Estate Directories

    3. Submit articles in Article Directories (Article should be Related to the same business)

    4. Get links from Other Real Estate Websites
Calculate The Relation Between Traffic & Revenue Of a Real Estate Website

There is a relation between potential earning and traffic to a normal website. Since real estate websites are offering services, not all traffic can bring revenue or profit. We need to bring the right customers. Though not much related, the calculation provided in the link below will help you to find the earning potential of a webpage.
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Tips To Improve Alexa Stats Of Real Estate Websites

In many local business directories, they sort business websites according to many factors like Google Page Rank, Alexa rank etc. In order to get top position in Local Business page, Alexa stats of your website must be good. However, it is not very easy to boost your current ranking if you are getting very low amount of traffic. It is also important to note that the users with Alexa toolbar installed on their web browser are counted. To improve the Alexa stats, visit the link below.
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