Get Customized Favicon For Your Blogger Blog

The favicon or also called 'Favorite icon" is the small picture with pixel size 16×16 pixels displays on left of the address bar of browser when you open a website. Usually, it is in ico format because all major browsers support ico format. If you have Blogspot blogs, you can change the default favicon displayed on your blogs. It gives a unique look for your blog and it is not hard to upload it on your blogger blog. While choosing a "Favorite icon" for your blog, make sure it is unique and different from others. It is one way to show your readers your blog is unique and different from other blogs. This tutorial explains how to upload favicon for your blogger blog.

Adding Favicon to Blogger Blog

With the new blogger template, we do not need to edit the HTML code of your blog. They offer a straight method to upload unique favicon.

  1. Login to Blogger account

  2. Click on Layout
    Upload Blogger custom favicon

  3. Click on Edit link near favicon

  4. Upload custom Favicon by using the browse button
    Upload custom blogspot favicon

Make sure the file you are uploading is less than 100KB and in the right format as blogger specifies. The major advantage is you can directly upload the file to the Blogspot server rather than storing it in third-party image hosting servers.

Where to Generate This icon

the favorite icon is the small image displayed on the left of the address bar when you open a website. Favicon is the short form of the favorite icon. One of my favorite tools is It is very simple to use. If you like to add more changes to your favicon, I suggest following tools.




There are many other quality tools available. You can just search in Google by typing favicon generator.

How to Change Blogger Blog Favorite Icon In  Classic Template

Blogspot classic template does not have any straight way to remove default blogger favicon and add a custom file. Here you should upload your favicon in your hosting place or any image hosting sites (Some major image hosting sites do not support ico format) and use the location link to display it on your blog. Below steps will explain this procedure.

  1. Login to your Blogspot account

  2. Click on Design tab
    blog top right small picture
  3. Click on Edit HTML

    Now Paste the following code on the Blogspot header (for more details look the second image below).

  4. Click on SAVE TEMPLATE

After performing the above steps, you can see the unique small picture you have uploaded on the left-hand side top of your Blogspot site. You can use either one of the methods I have explained but I strongly suggest you to follow the first method because that is simple.

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