Network did not Assign a Valid IP address in a given time and No Connectivity

Today morning when I try to go online from my laptop, I received an error message "the network did not assign a valid IP address in a given time. you may not have connectivity to network". From the message, it is clear that my laptop doesn't receive a valid IP address from the DHCP server. It is a wireless laptop which receives an IP address from a WiFi router. Despite my personal experience, this article explains the particular error message and possible troubleshooting steps. Now let us examine the error message.

This message is straight forward because it says the reason for this error message. Here either adapter or the router failed to do its job. Normally the DHCP server may be a wireless modem/router and most of the time client computer tries to connect to the server via WiFi connection. If it is a wired connection, we need to check the quality of the Ethernet cable too. If it is a WiFi network, the wireless key you entered might be wrong. As a result, computer failed to connect to the WiFi network and there is no connection established between the DHCP server and computer.

  1. check the Wireless Key entered

  2. Clear saved networks and try to reconnect

  3. Re-seat the WiFi adapter (only for USB adapter)

  4. check if static IP address is enabled

  5. Reboot the computer

There are some other steps we can do to fix the error message the network did not assign a valid IP address in a given time. you may not have connectivity to the network. However, certain steps we can do on desktop PC don't work on laptop. Likewise the steps specifically for laptops do not work on desktop PCs. Here I give a list of steps you can do on a laptop. Though the steps are specifically written for laptops, some of them will work on desktop computers.
My Laptop is not getting Signals and Internet

Another important point we need to check is the status of WiFi monitoring utility we use. It always better uses Windows default wireless utility to manage and connect your computer to the networks. If you want step by step instructions to perform it, I suggest you visit the link below.
Wireless Keep Disconnecting

If you have access to the router or Access Point, I strongly suggest you conduct a power cycle. It is better power cycle the full network and checks for the issue. Sometimes Router cache is full and needs a refresh to allocate an IP address for a new client. A proper power cycle can clear the router cache and refresh the DHCP function. To learn more about the steps to do it in the right way, visit the link below.
How to Perform Power Cycle

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