Configure Linksys E4200 Wireless N Router With Best Settings

Linksys E4200  is a dual-band high-performance Wireless N router. It offers large Wireless coverage and additional security by latest wireless encryption. Another attraction is the Speed boost by the high-quality antenna. It has various techniques to avoid wireless interference and smooth transfer of data through a dual-band WiFi network. Some of the important features of this  WiFi N router are listed below.

Important Features of E4200

  1. Speed Boost

  2. Supports two frequencies (both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz )

  3. Supports WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption

  4. It has Gigabit Ethernet Ports

  5. It allows separate login for Guests and Admins

How to Configure Linksys E4200

You can configure this router with setup disc. If you want to configure Linksys E4200 v1 and v2 router manually, follow the link provided at the end of this tutorial.

  1. Connect WAN/ Internet port of it to Modem using an Ethernet cable

  2. Connect LAN port of it to your computer using Ethernet Cable

  3. Insert the setup CD in your CD drive

  4. Now follow the instructions

    E4200 V2

  5. We need to accept the license agreement and click on Next.
    License of E4200 V1

  6. Now it will find the settings automatically and you need to click next after entering the connection details.

  7. Now it will connect to the Internet.
    E4200 V2 router

Manually Setup E4200 v2 Router

To setup Linksys E4200 V2 router manually, follow the steps below.
  1. Connect it to a computer using Ethernet cable

  2. Login E4200

    Login with the IP address and use admin as both username and password.

  3. E4200 Router Settings

    To know more about configuring it with different types of broadband connections, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    How to Setup Linksys Router Manually

Slow Wireless And Internet With E4200

If you are facing slower connection with E4200 v1 router, it can be due to malware infections. One malware named Moon malware is notorious to make it slower. Hopefully, Linksys has a solution for slower WiFi and Internet connection with it. By following the steps below, we can fix the Linksys router infections too.
  1. Update Firmware

    Make sure E4200 has the latest version of firmware. To learn more about updating the firmware, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    How to Update Firmware Of a Linksys Product

  2. Disable Remote Management

    To disable remote management option on E4200, follow the steps below.
    • Login Router Setup page

    • Click Administration Tab

    • Select Disabled option for Remote Management

  3. Select to Filter Anonymous Internet Request under the Security tab

  4. Follow the wireless troubleshooting steps provided in the link below
    Linksys Wireless AP Causes Packet Lose

Factors to Know While Using Linksys E4200 As Print Server

  • While using it as a print server, it must have the latest version of firmware

  • Must have installed Latest Cisco Connect

  • To avoid printer offline state, you must have the latest version of the printer driver

  • Sometimes Firewalls installed on your computer may disturb the working of the print server. You must disable firewall and check for the issue.

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