Getting 3 Beeps as Boot Error code and Computer Failed to Start

It is easy to detect issues which prevent a PC from booting due to faulty RAM module installed. Three continues beep sounds with repetition while booting your computer is a common error code given by motherboard to inform memory issues. It tells, PC failed to achieve successful POST (Power On Self Test)due to issues with RAM installed. This error code is specifically for the computer with Intel motherboard to show POST issues when it failed to detect RAM. This will be like beep, beep, beep [Pause] and then repeat the same pattern. This guide explains how to handle such a situation where your laptop failed to start with three beep sounds.

Solve Three Beep Sounds

To troubleshoot this issue, we need to open the PC cabinet. So if you do not know the basic computer architecture, I recommend you to ask someone who knows it to perform the following steps.

  1. Power Off your computer and unplug the power cable

  2. Open system cabinet

  3. Unplug the RAM Module from the slots

  4. Clean both the module and the slot to remove dust particles

  5. Insert the Random Access Memory module to the same slot and check for the issue

  6. If the issue persists, install the memory module in another slot and check for the issue

  7. If the Issue persists, try a Different RAM module and repeat the process

If the Memory module is not working on your computer, we must check whether the RAM or the slot is faulty. Check a different RAM unit on your computer to verify whether it is the memory or the slot is causing the trouble. If your computer has two Random Access Memory units, follow the procedure below.

  1. Swap the Memory Modules into slots

  2. Repeat the steps mentioned at the beginning of the guide with each memory unit

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