Guide to Promote Your Local Business in Internet Successfully

If you are a local business owner, it is the right time to promote it on Internet and develop it. Many still think like their business has nothing to do with the Internet or other online technologies because their service is purely nontechnical and has no relation to Internet. This old concept is changing rapidly due to the introduction of Google Places. Google places allowed small business owners to project them with contact information in Google with the exact location. In developed countries, people search in Google for local services and any small business owner can take advantage of it. If you provide an awesome service to your customers they will definitely write good reviews about you and that will lead more customers.

How to Promote Local Business in Internet

If you own a website to give online exposure for your local business, there are some important points which you should never avoid. If you are really serious with your website and want to bring potential customers, you should properly optimize it with right keywords related to your business and the service you provide. The title tag is the most important part of your website (in terms of On page optimization). If you failed to optimize it with right keywords, your website will not get right users and the conversion rate will be very low. If you optimize the title tag with the exact details (service locations with services), the chances to get the right customers are very high.

We can successfully promote any kind of local business on Internet. Let us take an example of one local business says 'Carpet Cleaning'. Carpet cleaning service can be a perfect example because it has nothing to do with Internet and the service is purely local. A company provides carpet cleaning service in New York City and if I want to promote it on Internet, I need to have a website and optimize it with the keyword Carpet Cleaning New York City. When a user needs carpet cleaning service in New York, he will come to this website. Picking the right keyword is also very important in Online marketing. We should know how our users search Internet for the services they want. If the customer is in Brooklyn and he is looking for companies which offer carpet cleaning service, one of the most possible keywords might be Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn. So we should study the market and the pattern of user searches before setting the keyword for our online marketing.

Requirements for a Successful Online Marketing of your Business

To learn more about optimizing title of a site, let us consider an example. I have been promoting a local website development company in Los Angeles for the past year. Our client prefers on page optimization to off page optimization. He put me in charge to optimize this site to bring more local searches. He knows the importance of local users and wants to bring more of them. Prior to beginning my work, I asked the following questions myself.

  1. What kind of service he is providing

  2. Where is his business located

My client is providing website designing, and the service location is Los Angeles. So the title should be a combination of the business service and Location. So it would be like "Web Design " + "Los Angeles". So it must look like Web Design Los Angeles. This keyword can bring the right kind of traffic from Google and other Search Engines. Since our business service is not global but limited to a particular location it is important to optimize the title tag with both factors. Just a vast keyword "Web Development" itself cannot bring right customers to our website. But a keyword like Brooklyn Web Solutions can bring potential customers.

Points we should remember while optimizing the Title Tag of a Small business website
  1. Google read first 60 (maximum 70 )characters in the title tag (including space)

  2. It should contain important keywords but never do keyword spamming

  3. It should be meaningful and never be a combination of just keywords

  4. It should make sense to users

  5. Repeating the same keywords multiple time actually hurt your ranking

Country Specific Google Ranking Tutorial

It is possible to improve the Google ranking of a website in a specific country. All you have to do is to remember the following points while managing your domain.
  1. Write country oriented content

    Write content for the audience in that country and include the name of the country with local places. Google spiders will crawl it and find out the names of places and addresses. Then it will automatically understand the targeting locations.

  2. Get a Country based domain name

    Domain name has its own effect in the country based on Google Search Rank. If your domain name is it has a tendency to rank better in Google UK. It is the same for other country based domain names like do better in Google India.

  3. Get links from websites related to the targeting country

    If you want your website rank well for a specific country, you should manage to get more quality links from websites associated with the same country. Try to list your website in local business directories and forums.

  4. Host your website in the same country

    It is widely believed that webhosting/IP address has an effect in country based results. If you want your website rank well in the USA, it is better to host your website in a server located in the US. Many believe Google consider the IP address of the web server while ranking a website in Google Search results.

  5. Specify targeting country in Google Webmaster tools

    You can specify the geographic location in your webmaster tool account to target the audience of the specific country. For example, if your website is targeting people of USA, you can specify the USA as your targeting country.

  6. Add your website in Google Places

    You can add your website (if it is related to a local business) to Google places by following the link below.

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