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Last Updated:-March 06, 2011
If you are using Google reader to subscribe and read updates from your favorite websites and blogs, you should use Feedly to get a better reading experience. Feedly provides a totally different reading experience by arranging all your subscriptions in a single window which resembles a magazine. All your favorite updates are arranged according to the priority and it will be easy for you to check the recent posts from the list. There is a Feedly plugin for Mozilla Firefox to power Google feed-reader with Feebly service. If you would like to read recent posts from your favorite website in a Magazine style, I suggest you add this plugin to your Firefox browser.

Read Your Favorite Updates in a Magazine like Start

In order to read the latest posts from your favorite websites in a magazine like a start page in Firefox, you may install Feedly plugin. To perform this you should go to the Firefox add-ons page and follow the steps below.

1. Click on Add to Firefox

Read your best website updates in magazine

2. Click on allow to install the addon

add magazine outlook to website updates

3. Click on Install Now

Install Feedly addon in Firefox

It takes a little bit time to complete the installation process.  You can watch the installation status by monitoring the status bar.
Installing Feedly addon

After installing Feedly addon, you will be prompted to restart your browser. So it is better you save any of the tabs which are in use.

Read website updates in magazine style

After restarting the browser, this plugin is ready to use. Now you can view your Google reader in a new way. As we know updates are accessible on Google reader only if you are logged in to Google account. So to read your favorite updates you should log in to your Google account using your username and password.

Read blogger updates in Google reader

Where to Download this Plugin

If you are interested to use this addon which arranges favorites like a magazine, you can visit the link provided here on Firefox browser and install it. You can download Feedly addon from the link below.

This plugin is very useful for those who are obsessed with the magazine design. Those who miss printed magazines may find it relieving to read their favorite articles on their laptop in the same magazine look. Another advantage is the facility to prioritize the websites according to your taste. You can set priority on positioning in Google reader by specifying which websites or topics you prefer more.

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