XULRunner Error: Platform Version '' is not Compatible with minVersion

Yesterday night while updating Firefox to latest version, my laptop battery went down and it automatically turned off. Today morning when I double click on browser shortcut, it showed an error message XULRunner Error: Platform version '' is not compatible with minVersion >= maxVersion <= and failed to start. It is the first time I am seeing such an error in my life. So I searched for it with the numbers shown in the message. There are many websites which explain it. This XULRunner error code is due to the corrupted installation of Firefox browser on my laptop. If you are not familiar with this message, have a look at the picture given below.
 XULRunner Error: Platform version is not compatible with minVersion    maxVersion

So what is XULRunner and how it is important for an average user? The answer is provided in the Mozilla database. It is a run time environment developed by Mozilla to provide a common back-end for XUL applications designed for Firefox. Some XUL Applications are Songbird music player, Elixon WCMS/XUL etc.

How to Fix This Error

In order to fix the XMLRunner Platform version compatibility issue, we need to uninstall currently installed Firefox properly and delete the Firefox folder from programs files. After removing remnants of the currently installed file from our computer, we should download and install the latest version. Before a fresh installation, we must ensure that there are no entries of the previous installation on our PC.

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