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Showing Older Blogger Posts First By Reversing Order

Today morning one of my friends called me to review his blog. Though he is newbie, it is an awesome blog. After that, he asked one simple question. He wants to display his oldest blog post first and the latest articles at last. He wants to know how to do it in blogger and also curious to know whether it will ruin Search Engine Ranking in future. I thought it is a simple task and must have an option in the dashboard. However, when I check blogger settings, there is no option to show older posts first. The only option I saw is changing the order of Blog archive and set  archive in a way to show last published article first. I searched in Google community and there experts say till now blogger does not added a feature to rearrange blogger posts in a way to show last published articles at first position. They also discourage webmasters to tweak the blogger code to alter this by warning them about possible issues in future. Though blogspot does not provide any option, we can arrange older published articles first by a simple trick.

How to Display Older Blog Posts First

Though the method I am suggesting is very simple, it can be boring if you want to do it for multiple posts. This is about manipulating blog post publishing date and time. If you set the publishing date of an older post with most recent date and time,  it will come automatically to the first position. You can do the same tip to all the posts and bring them to first positions. It has no effect in current SEO because your blog posts do not loose the URL structure. Now let us check how to do it.

1. For New Interface

  1. Logon to blogger account

  2. Click on Posts

    reverse article publishing order

  3. Select the post (the one whose date of publishing is going to change)
    posting editing

  4. Click Published on under Post settings and change the date
    reverse Publishing order

    Click Done button after changing the date.

2. For Older Interface
  1. Login to your blogger account

  2. Click on Edit Posts

    Change order

    Now you need to select the old article (which you need to bring to first position) and click on Edit. Now you will go to Blogger post Edit page.

  3. Click on Post options

    change date of publishing

    Here you can change the post published date and time. To bring this old article to first position, you should change existing post date with current date. After changing the post date you should click on Publish Post. Now this post will be in your blogger home page as the latest post. By this method we can reverse the order of article publishing.

Show oldest Blog Posts first in Blog Archive

If you are looking for a method to show older articles first in blog archive, you can do it very easily. To do this follow the steps below.
  1. Click on Design tab

    Reversing order

  2. Click on Blog Archive

  3. Select the check box "Show Oldest Posts First" and click on save

    Now onwards blog archive show the oldest posts first.

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Rain said…
This post is very helpful for new bloggers who are having hard times in creating their blogs. I hope you continue writing about blogging techniques.

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StanleyMarcusMalone said…
That's nice, but it could really ruin the format of your blog. That'd only work if you're making a short story that progresses per blog entry. But anyway, that's a nice tip!
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