Steps to Deal With Malware Spreading Websites

The Internet is so big and so the threat is. We cannot trust every website are made for helping people by giving genuine information or service. There are many websites which are designed and hosted for a single purpose, spread malware products. They are infecting computers of many innocent users. As a responsible Internet user, it is your duty to join the activities of organizations against badware and malicious websites to make sure these bad websites are blacklisted. Your information will help these organizations to create a complete list of attacking websites and publish it for general users. If you are willing to help these organization, this article will help you to make right move.

I found an Attack website, What Should I Do?

  1. Inform Google

    The first step you should take after discovering a malware-spreading website is to inform Google about this. Google is the most popular search engine and by blocking a malware-spreading website in Google, you can save many users. You can inform Google by filling a simple form by yourself. Link to inform Google about malware distributing websites is:

  2. Stopbadware

    There are many other reputed agencies working hard to create list of bad websites (bad in the sense of malware issues) and you can inform them too. Stop Badware ( ) is one of them and they publish public alerts about badware. To get more details about the latest malware alerts to go to the link below.

    If you are suspecting a particular website as malicious, you can search Badware Website Clearinghouse to know whether it is identified as a malicious website. You can search any website here:

  3. SiteAdvisor

    Another important tool you can use to submit the URL of an attacking website is McAfee SiteAdvisor is a toolbar which shows the details of websites shown in Search Results and you have the facility to report any bad websites to SiteAdvisor team. To know more details about how to use McAfee site advisor click on the link below.

Ensure your website is not infected by any malicious code

If you are a webmaster, it is advised to check your website for any kind of malware infection periodically. If your website is infected with any malicious script, Security organizations will blacklist it and may lose its authority and trust. You can check virus infection on your computer by yourself. The below article will give more information about it.

You will also get a notice in Google Webmaster Tools if Google finds any malicious codes on your website.

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