Use FireFTP To Move Files Between PC and Server

Last Updated:-May 15, 2011
Today I am going to introduce one free FTP program called FireFTP from one Mozilla team. Right now I am using this tool for uploading and downloading the file from my web server. There is no need to read so many tutorials to operate this tool because it was very clean and simple user interface. Installation of FireFTP is very simple which takes less than a minute and there is no complicated license agreement. We are free to use this FTP program for personal as well as business requirements. The only requirement is the Firefox Browser because it is a Mozilla Add-on. Though this tool is free, you can donate to the developing team if you wish and have that facility there. It has almost all features of any paid FTP programs.

Download and Install FireFTP

Since we have such a wonderful free tool to upload and download files from the web server, there won't be no reason to don't try it.  It is a free Mozilla Addon and you can get it on your PC by following the steps below.

  1. Open Firefox browser

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Add-ons

  4. Select Get Add-ons
    upload files to server

  5. Now Search FireFTP on the Search box on the right-hand top of the window.
    Search Fire FTP

  6. When  Search completes, you should click on the Install button.
    free reliable server accessing tool

  7. After completing the installation, we need to restart Firefox.

    Click on Restart Now to restart Firefox browser. After Restart, you can access FireFTP from Tools.

  8. Just click on fireFTP to start this free FTP program.
    download program

You must have the server address and FTP username and password to access the server. It will help you to upload files to server from your PC and you can download any files from the server too.

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