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Last Updated:-May 02, 2011
JavaScript is used for many websites to protect their content and images from being copied. Though their intention is good, it can be disturbing for readers. Sometimes, webmasters go to the extent where a user cannot even right click or select content from the web page. Some Webmasters code JavaScript in a way to create pop-ups which prevent the user-friendly nature. Another misuse of the script is to force users to click the next button to read more about the news because the content is shown as slides. In Firefox, it is very easy to turn off Script but in Chrome the option is hidden. This tutorial explains different methods to disable JavaScript based protection on a website from Google Chrome.

Disable JavaScript from Google Chrome Shortcut

You can turn off JavaScript from the Properties option of Google Chrome Shortcut. To do this you should right click on the Chrome shortcut on the desktop and click on properties. Step by step instructions is given below.
  1. Click on Shortcut Tab

  2. In Target add "-disable-javascript" after the ending of quote symbol.
    prevent java safety

  3. It should be like "Target location" "-disable-javascript" and click on Apply button after this. Now you need to restart Google Chrome and ensure the JavaScript is disabled.
    Right click

  4. You can see one alert like JavaScript was blocked on this page. If you click on the alert you may get an option to turn on JavaScript.

It is one of the easiest methods to break every script based web page protection on Chrome browser. After performing it, you will not face any issues with copying content from a protected web page by right click and select. When you need to enable it back, you may simply delete the code we wrote at the target.

Stop Running Script From Chrome Content Settings
  1. Go to chrome://settings/ page

  2. Click on "Show advanced settings link"

  3. Click on the Content Settings button

  4. Select the button "Do not allow any sites to run JavaScript"
    run safety code

Turn Off JavaScript from Older Chrome Versions

Now let us check the second method to turn off JavaScript from Chrome. In this method, we can do it from content settings in the Options. Follow the instructions below to do it.
  1. Click on the Customize and Control symbol on the right-hand top of Chrome
    turn on

  2. Click on Options

  3. Click on Under the Hood

  4. Click on Content Settings

  5. Select "Do not allow any site to run JavaScript"
    turn on safety

  6. Now restart Google Chrome to apply the changes we made.

Enable Script Based Protection On Google Chrome

To enable the protection back, you need to do the steps in a reverse way. If you have disabled the protection by using the first method, you must remove the extra code you wrote at target and press the save button. Sometimes you may need to close the current browser windows and open again to see the results. If you have followed the second method, you may need to go to the Content Settings page and select the radio button "Allow sites to run JavaScript". It will enable all script based protection for websites.

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