Google Prevents Access to the Legacy Blogger Account

Are you still using the legacy Blogger accounts? If yes, there is an important update from Google for you.

Google has declared a deadline for Blogger Legacy account holders to migrate to the Google account. If you fail to follow the deadline, you will lose the last chance of migration.

In addition to that, the Blogger will block your access to the account and content.

According to the Blogger buzz post, the last date to migrate your legacy account to Google account is September-30-2011.

After September-30-2011, you will not have access to your legacy blogger account and the content.

How Can I Claim my Legacy Blogger Content?

PS: You can still use the Blogger: Claim your Blog form to retrieve the content. All you have to do is to visit the link.

You need to log in using the old username and password.

Should I worry About this Blogger Policy Change?

The above deadline affects blogger users who created their blog before 2007 and failed to login after 2007.

Users who logged in to their blogger account after 2007 will not be affected by the new deadline set by blogger.

Reason for such a deadline

Blogger says due to some technical and operational reasons, they have to stop supporting migrating legacy accounts and blogs associated with those legacy accounts after September-30-2011 to Google account.

So users will not be able to migrate their legacy accounts to Google accounts after the deadline. In addition to this, users will not be able to access the blog data and account.

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To read more about the Google decision to shut down the Blogger legacy accounts, visit the link below.

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How Does It Affect My Blogspot Blog?

If you are not a legacy Blogger account holder, this update is nothing for you. For those who have created their Blogger blog with Google account has nothing to worry about.

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This update is entirely for the legacy Blogger account holders only.