I don't like Rapid Firefox Updates, Why ?

According to the new policy of the Mozilla team, in every 6 weeks, they release a new version of Firefox. Mozilla team claims, this rapid release helps to bring more capabilities to the browser. They say, the Internet is very fast and they cannot allow Firefox development moves at a speed of traditional desktop software development. The success of the Google Chrome browser may also motivate the Mozilla team to take such a decision. However, many people find this new Mozilla policy a little bit awkward. First of all, Chrome and Firefox are not equal. Chrome has a set of users who like the features of that browser but most of the Firefox users are the traditional users who like the traditional look and features. By trying to imitate Chrome, they make traditional Mozilla users disappointed. It is better to stay Firefox as Firefox and Chrome as Chrome. Here I list some of the common issues with the rapid release are:

  1. Add-on compatibility issues

    One of the major issue with rapid Firefox browser release is the add-on compatibility. When I downloaded Firefox V5, I was surprised to see even Google toolbar was not compatible with it. Many of my add-ons were useless including in-house tools. Anyway, Mozilla team is about to find a solution to fix the add-on compatibility issue by following a bunch of new policies. You can read it by following the link below.

  2. Losing customization

    This is another major problem, every techie users face. After installing a newer version, we need to customize it again from scratch.

  3. Conflicts with Enterprises IT policy

    Fast release of a widely used browser may create an additional burden for IT departments. IT staff need to test the new version with all internal web-based tools they use. Sometimes they may need to update the in-house tools to make it compatible with the latest version.

  4. Problems for web designers

    Though they are adding interesting features for web developers, it is difficult to check the compatibility of web design with multiple versions.

In my opinion, they should try to make the program more stable with minor updates instead of rapid major releases. However, for me, Firefox is my first choice due to its high stability. If you want to block it asking to download the latest version of the software, click on the link below.
Disable Mozilla Automatic Update Check

Even though you can disable it, it is advised to go with the latest version of Firefox browser because of the added security and functionality. It is highly risky to run an obsolete version of tools on your PC as their known vulnerabilities may be used by hackers to attack your computer system.

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