Continues Dial-up Connection Prompt to Connect to a Network

For the last few days, I have been getting the continuous appearance of dial-up connection requests made by my computer even though there is no modem.

At first, I did not pay much attention to this, but at last, it started irritating my work.

A dial-up connection window asks me to select the service I want to connect my computer.

I am not using any dial-up connection on this computer.

It has a list of pre-configured dial-up connections (I made those connections in the past) and gives options to connect to any network or cancel it.

Even though I cancel the connection request, it returns after a few minutes.

So I decided to find out the reason for these continuous connection requests. The connection request is just like the image provided below.

The same pop-up is causing trouble on my PC. So, I decided to find out the reason for this irritating recurring dial-up pop-up.

Reason for Continues Dial-UP Connection Prompts

In Internet Properties, the default option selected was -Dial whenever a network connection is not present.

Because of this default option, I am getting continuous Dial-up Connection requests.

We have found out the reason for this issue.

Now, let us check how to fix it.

Stop Continues Automatic Dial-up Connection Requests

To stop the automatically generating Dial-up connection requests, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Settings on the connection window.

  2. Select Never Dial a Connection.

We fix the issue we select the option from Dial whenever a network connection is not present to Never dial a connection.

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Why Did I Get Dial-up Connection Prompt?

The default setting instructed my Windows PC to dial a new connection whenever there was an active network.

So, Windows automatically dialed for new dial-up connections. As a result, it displayed multiple instructions to create a new network profile and connect to it.

It was an unnecessary process by the Windows Operating System.

The problem was over after changing the default setting to -never dial a connection.