How to Update Driver Software Installed on your Computer

This is a supporting article for our other major troubleshooting guides related to Internet connections and modem issues. Many Internet connection issues arise due to the use of outdated modem driver installed in the user computer. In rare cases, the latest automatic Windows update may show some compatibility issues with already installed modem driver. In both scenarios only solution is to upgrade the installed modem driver in the user computer. To get the latest modem drivers you should check it on the modem (Adapter etc)manufacturer's website.

Steps to Update Modem/Adapter Driver
In order to upgrade modem driver installed in your computer, follow the steps below.

1. Click on Start

2. Click on Control Panel

3. Go to Hardware and Sound (in Category view)

How to update modem driver in Windows computer

4. Click on Device Manager (listed under Devices and Printers)

Find and upgrade installed modem driver from control panel

5. Check for modem/adapter

check for modem driver

In my computer, I am using a USB modem and it is listed under Network Adapters. (You can find Adapters etc also here)

6. Right Click on the icon
How to update driver software
  1. Click on Update Driver Software if you are going to update the adapter driver with the latest version
  2. Click on Uninstall, if you are going to uninstall driver software

7. Select the option to find the latest driver software

Either let Windows to Search for the latest driver version or specify the location of already downloaded modem driver in your computer.