My Android Phone Boots in Safe Mode

A few days ago I rebooted my Android phone and after that, I see a label "Safe Mode" on the left-hand bottom corner of the screen. After reboot, it starts operating in safe mode but I never noticed an option to select safe mode while rebooting the device as we have in the desktop computer. In Android discussions, some users say the safe boot is designed to disable the working of third-party apps on Android to make troubleshooting easy. If your handset has a lot of third party Apps installed, they might cause incompatibility with each other. In that case, your handset may show many troubles. However, it is a mystery how come my phone get into it because I never did anything intentionally.

Reasons to Work my Android Phone in Safe mode
In some technology communities, users mention a way to safe boot Android device by pressing the menu button while restarting the device. I do believe I might press the menu button when I rebooted my handset and as a result, now it operates in a safe mode. This method is confirmed while reading a few user-manuals about the effect of holding the menu button while booting a mobile handset. However, depends on the models and version, the steps to bring Android in different boot mode varies. You cannot safe-boot a Samsung Galaxy with the procedure to start HTC handset in safe mode. The same procedure may not work with LG or Motorola handsets.

How to Recover Android Phone from Safe Booting
In safe mode, none of the third-party apps works. So it might be annoying to continue in it. To recover your mobile phone, press power button and restart it. After a proper restart, it will be back into normal mode. When it backs to normal, you will face no troubles with running third-party applications on it. If you read the mobile handset user manual carefully, you may find other steps too. Anyway, I have found a way to boot my Smartphone in safe mode though I didn't intend for it. So if you want to boot your Smartphones in different booting orders, you can refer to this method.

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