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Tata Docomo GPRS and 3G Settings For Android and Windows Phones

Tata Docomo offers GPRS and 3G services (3G service offers speed up to 21.1 Mbps)in India and this article is about enabling their GPRS settings on mobile phones irrespective of Android or Windows Phone. To activate GPRS on your mobile handset (both Windows Phone and Android Phone), you should recharge with the specific rate. In order to get Tata Docomo GPRS settings automatically on your mobile phone, you should type INTERNET and SMS to 52270. They will send you the default GPRS Internet settings and you need to save it on your handset. If the automatic settings doesn't arrive, you can manually set Docomo GPRS settings on your Android and Windows mobile phone by entering following details.

Manual Docomo GPRS Settings For Android and Windows Phones
Name            :  Tata Docomo Internet (You can change it if you want)
APN             :  tata.docomo.internet
Proxy           :  Not set
Port            :  Not set
Username        :  Not set
Password        :  Not set
MCC             :  405
MNC             :  035
Authentication  : None
APN Type        : default

Get Tata Docomo 3G & GPRS Settings Automatically On Windows and Android Handset
To get Tata Docomo GPRS and 3G settings automatically on your Windows and Android handset follow the procedure provided below.

1. SMS INTERNET to 52270

2. Save the Settings send by them

Please note that for different Phone OS (Android, Windows Phone 7 etc) the path to get Mobile Internet settings may be different. For that you might check the user manual of the respective Phone model and Mobile Operating System using. However, Docomo GPRS Settings for Android Phones and Windows Phone 7 Phones are same. 3G settings for Windows and Android phone too same. You can add the same APN settings for  3G on your Android and Windows Phones.

Enable Tata Docomo 3G Internet Access On Android Phone
You can enable Tata Docomo 3G Internet access on Android phone by enable data (or data enabled)under mobile network settings. To learn more about how to configure and enable  3G and GPRS on an Android handset click on the link below.
How to Enable Internet Access On Your Android Handset

In this article we have learned the manual settings to activate Docomo 3G and GPRS on your Windows Phones and Android Phones. Here we have learned the default Docomo APN for 3G/GPRS and APN type. After saving this details, you will be able to access GPRS from your mobile handset. Just like this, the following link tells the steps to configure Internet with Idea on your mobile handset.
How to Configure Idea GPRS on your Mobile Handset

Tata is not just providing GSM data service. It also provide CDMA service too. To learn more about the CDMA wireless Internet service provided by Tata, check our previous article about the Photon Plus.If you are looking for the review and service of Tata Photon and the account balance, I recommend you to follow the link below.
Review Of Tata Photon Plus Internet Service And Check Account Balance


Ramanuj said…
Great tutorial. I like to know we can take 2G from docomo Windows phone to my laptop. Thanks for your help.
Aneesh said…
How much I should pay to start Tata Docomo wireless Internet on my windows computer ?
Alex said…
@ Ramanuj

Thanks for your comment


Are you trying to access Docomo wireless Internet on your computer from a mobile phone ?
Anonymous said…
I use Windows Phone and Docomo data connection is working fine with it.